If It Ain’t Broke, Then Don’t Fix It

Last week I wrote that I started up a “private blog (you can read about that here).”  I also wrote that I’ve been writing for years (on paper) as a way to handle my stress.  Well, guess what I did?  I CHANGED MY MIND!  I wrote down several “posts” on my private blog.  But remember my details about how I could erase what I wanted and keep what I wanted?  I started trying to do just that, and began to over-analyze my writing.  I thought this would reduce my stress, but it actually caused me more.  I also found a few times when I wanted to write something down, that the computer was not available (just like I predicted!), and this caused me stress too.  So, it only took me a few days of trying this to realize that writing down my feelings on the computer was not going to be helpful to me in the goal of relieving my stress.

So, I did the equivalent of throwing my papers away, which for me always seems to feel good, and I went into the blog and DELETED everything.  Then I went into the “trash” and PERMANENTLY DELETED everything again.  Then I felt much better.

I realized that I was trying to “fix” or at the very least “improve” a system that was working just fine the way it was!  So now, the question is, what will I do with my private blog that I’ve started?  I hate to just let it sit there.  I read on an article from WordPress’s “The Daily Post” that it can be good to use a private blog as a way to try out different settings (i.e. backgrounds, widgets, etc).  So I think I”ll do that.  I may even ask my son if he wants to (and then tell me what he learned), since he enjoys stuff like that.

Now, as a side-note, I am completely aware that I do not have to announce to the world details about my private blog, but I am doing this for a reason.  In an upcoming post, I plan to talk about how I write in private.  I’ve learned a few things in my life about communication and “self-talk” as it relates to our emotions.  How we describe a situation (even to our own selves) makes a big difference in the way we feel, and I want to share what I’ve learned!  So, if your interested, be sure to check back!


2 thoughts on “If It Ain’t Broke, Then Don’t Fix It

  1. I’m glad you were perceptive enough to realize that you weren’t getting the results you expected and stopped. Just tinkering around with something new can be a great stress reliever.

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