Thankful Thursday – Today I’m grateful that I can serve others!

As I mentioned yesterday, today I want to give thanks for small things that I have been able to do this week for others.  Maybe this sounds odd, or like it is bragging.  But as I explained, we all have a need to feel that we contribute in some way, and recognizing the things that we do can actually be way of expressing gratitude for being needed by others.  Hopefully that makes sense, and with that in mind, today I am grateful that this week I was able to . . .

. . . write a letter to my son (as part of a church program) telling him good things I see in him.  When he read it, he really seemed happy about what I wrote and also about what his dad wrote.

. . . make dinner for a friend who just had a baby.

. . . do some laundry for my family.  It’s not glamorous, but it sure is important!

. . . listen to my sister talk out through some challenges on the phone.  She said she was feeling better at the end of our conversation.

And just because I’m feeling extra grateful, here are some things people have done for me this past week that I’m thankful for. . .

. . . the Stake Primary Presidency for planning a great Priesthood Preview meeting for my son.

. . . my friend, who watched my kids so I could go to Parent/Teacher conferences at school.

. . . my children’s teachers, who do such a great job at helping them with their education.

. . . my husband, who called from work on Tuesday to suggest that he go to Walmart and buy a pizza for dinner and a cheap Disney movie (“Gus”) so we could have a family pizza/movie night.  It was really fun for our family to do that on the spur of the moment like that!

So that’s my list.  What are you thankful for today?


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