My Report on my December Goals

I haven’t been writing much these past few weeks, but that is to be expected with Christmas activities and my family at home during the break.  But I do have quite a bit in my head that I want to write in the coming months!!  A couple of topics that are on my mind are things that I’ve been learning about “procrastination” and also “burnout.”  So if you are interested, be sure to check back!  But the purpose of this post is to report on my December goals, and since I posted the goals on December 3, I’m counting from the 4th to the end of the month (28 days).

My Report

  1. Exercise:  I exercised three days per week for  2 out of 4 full weeks.  For the other two weeks I exercised twice and then once.
  2. Water:  I drank 8 cups 12 out of 28 days.
  3. Kitchen:  I cleaned my kitchen first thing 15 out of 28 days.

My Thoughts

Ugh.  I don’t like reporting that I didn’t complete my goals.  But I plan to continue on with this goal-setting stuff on my blog anyway.  Maybe I’ll do better next month.

Honestly, even though I’m not reaching what I set out to, I am doing better than I was in each of these areas.  For example, our family just took a day-trip to Washington D.C. and at the end of the day the kids were naturally tired from all of the walking.  My 10-year old daughter asked me if I was tired too, or if I was used to it “because of all the walking I do at home” (meaning my “Walk Away the Pounds” DVD that she has seen me use).  When I thought about it I realized that I was still feeling pretty strong.  So even a little bit of exercise is helpful in making us stronger, and even though I’m not setting it as a formal goal, I plan to continue to try for at least 3 times a week going forward.

I was very pleased with my efforts to clean my kitchen in the mornings.  I’m actually surprised to see in my reporting that I missed so many days because I honestly felt like I was doing this really well.  I think I did it almost perfectly on school mornings, which I’m happy about.  But in December there were lots of non-school mornings and extra stuff going on because of Christmas, so there were some days that the kitchen just needed to take a back-seat to other stuff.  And I’m ok with that.

And my water goal was also a lot easier on the days that I was home all day, and also on the days that I started off well.  It’s kind of a stressful thing to have half the day pass without much water because suddenly it feels like I’ve got to just drink and drink and drink – and then I just give up.  I found that splitting the day up into parts was helpful – 2 cups by 10am, then 2 more by 1pm, then 4pm, then the last 2 cups by the end of the day.  Again, this worked best when I was at home.

Since I haven’t been doing well with completing the goals I’ve been setting for myself, I considered telling myself that if I didn’t reach my goals, then I would re-set the same ones the next month.  But that idea didn’t last long.  I know it is best to set goals and achieve them, but I like celebrating any progress that I make.  And, I feel like I’m learning a little bit about myself through this process as far as what works for me and why or why not.  I’m happy to move on to new goals for January.  Look for that post tomorrow!


One thought on “My Report on my December Goals

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