Thankful Thursday (baby, it’s cold outside!)

Well, here it is at the end of January 2014 already!  It has been a cold month for most of us.  Admittedly some people have been colder than others, but I think it’s pretty safe to say that at least here in the USA, many people have been colder than we are used to.  So, what do we have to be grateful for when it’s so cold?  Today I am thankful for . . .


. . . this snowman that my girls built!  It was obviously getting a little warmer when I took the picture, as you can see all the snow around it has melted.  But that’s ok, because only a week or so later the temperature dropped again, and more snow replaced what had melted!  My girls had a great time together building this snowman.  Next, the youngest one says she wants to build an igloo!

blueberry muffins

. . . warm blueberry muffins!  My oldest daughter (10) made these for us one day (I put them in and took them out of the oven).  She did a great job, and our family loved them!  It is a fabulous muffin recipe, so if you are in the mood, give them a try!  They might be just the thing you need to warm you up!

cardinal in the snow

. . .snow cardinal

snow cardinal 2

. . . our snow cardinal friend!  This little guy (or gal) hung around our house for several days in a row along with some other small birds.  Isn’t he pretty?  We all enjoyed watching him, at least until he noticed us and hid.  But then he always came out again.

What are you thankful for today?


3 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday (baby, it’s cold outside!)

  1. Randall and the kids kinda built one a few years ago. I have some pictures somewhere of Randall squeezing in . Now everytime we have snow Seth asks to build one. LOVE the pictures Debbie.

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