“Pyramid Adventure” a story by my 10 year old

This is a story written by my 10 year old daughter.  To keep her identity private, I’m not including her name, but I just love this story that she wrote for school, and had to share!

I was in front of a pyramid. I wanted to find a way in. Then I saw a small hole just big enough to crawl through. I crawled in. Inside, there was a ramp. On the floor, there were white and blue squares. I was standing on a white one. I stepped on a blue one. Then I heard a rumbling sound behind me. A giant boulder was rolling down the ramp straight toward me! I ran as fast as I could but it was gaining on me. I saw a staircase and started running up it.

The boulder passed me. As I ran up them, I noticed that there was another staircase after the one I was on. The color of the stairs on it went like this: blue, white, blue, white, and so on. I figured that since the blue squares were traps, the blue steps were traps. I stepped on a white step. Then all sudden, the steps behind me broke. I started to run again. The steps kept on breaking behind me. When I made it to the top, I was exhausted. I laid down on the floor to rest.

Then I saw a paper. I picked it up. It was a map! It didn’t show me where the traps were, but it did show me that in the middle of the pyramid, there was a huge treasure room. I had to get there. I picked up the map and started walking. I made it to a place where the path split. According to the map, I had to go down the one on the right. So I did.

While I was walking down the path, I fell into a trap door into a room. Inside the room, there was a talking statue.

He said, “If you want to get out, you have to answer my questions.”

“Ok.” I said.

He asked, “What is the square root of 100?

I said, “10.”

“What is the square root of 9?” He said.

I replied, “3.”

He asked, “What is 589 plus 123,456,789,987,654,321?”

“123,456,789,987,654,907” I said.

He said, “Correct! How did you know?”

A door opened behind him. I left.

I walked until I made it to a deep pit full of giant spiders and scorpions. There were two ropes tied tightly from one end of the cliff to the other. There were boards sturdy enough to hold me lying right next to me. I laid one down in front of me. Then I stepped on it. I kept laying down boards until one broke beneath me. I screamed and grabbed on to a rope, pulled myself up, and kept going.

When I got to the end, I saw a room with gold light shining out of it. I ran to the room. Inside, there was gold, silver rubies, and emeralds. I shouted, “I’m rich! I’m rich!” Then a thought came to me.

How could I get out? I looked around. I saw a door that lead outside. I took all the treasure outside and put it in my car. Then I took it home. I sold it and got 900 trillion dollars. That was the happiest day of my life.


4 thoughts on ““Pyramid Adventure” a story by my 10 year old

  1. I love children’s stories written by children. I have taught storytelling classes where children write and draw their own stories. They are always chock full of surprises and delight! So glad your child is writing!

    • Yes, I agree. I love your wording of “surprise and delight.” I think that sums up my feelings exactly of when I first read this story. Thank you for taking the time to read it. I appreciate your kind and supportive comment (and I shared it with my daughter too!).

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