Thankful Thursday

Today I’m thankful for . . .

1.  . . . the warmer weather on Tuesday.  It was such a nice break from the cold, and made me sooo happy!

2.  . . . the Public Library.  Ours was recently remodeled, and I love the way it looks and feels inside – with it’s own closed-off children’s room.  I can grab a book for me off the shelf and sit and read while my kids look for books or play educational games on the library computers or on the table-top smart board.  Also, they just recently added several brand new cookbooks to their collection which have some delicious and healthy recipes!   Yea!  And I love it that those who work there always seem happy to see my family.

3.  . . . people who read my blog.  THANK YOU!!!

4.  . . . people who write uplifting blogs.  THANK YOU TOO!!!  I love it that people are willing to take the time to share positive and helpful things on the internet.  I know that I have to be careful in order to avoid some of the more yucky stuff, but I have been so blessed by the stories, experiences, and inspirational thoughts that many good people share.  They inspire me to be better and do better – and I’m thankful for that.

These are currently some of my favorite blogs:

5.  . . . birds!  Since I got my new camera for Christmas (nothing fancy, but it does have a better zoom than my other one did), I have enjoyed trying to take pictures of the birds around my house.   It’s fun because I can zoom in, take the picture, and then actually see the bird better than if I just watch from my window.  Fun, huh?  So, now I’m paying a lot more attention to these beautiful creatures – and that makes me feel happy.  (Click here to see pictures of our snow cardinal in January).

red bird in tree

robin hiding behind the grass


Now it’s your turn.  What are you thankful for?  Write a list today! (And feel free to share in the comments below!)


6 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

    • Ha! Ha! Dad! I knew you were going to say that. I almost said it myself, but decided to leave it to you. (For those who are wondering, my dad has said for years that you know it is spring by when you see the robins). But it doesn’t feel like spring today, and the robins don’t think so either. The temperature dropped last night, and I have not seen a single robin (or any bird, for that matter) today. But, then again, fluctuating temperatures are also a norm in the spring, right?

  1. What a great post to find when I came to check out your blog. 🙂 I too love inspirational blogs that help me feel uplifted.

    Some things I am thankful for today: my internet is back up and working, my kids all went to school finally (we’ve been sick), being two bills closer to being out of debt, books because life would be worthless without books, and the Atonement.

    By the way, you have a new follower. 🙂

    • Thanks for reading, and for following! That’s a great list of things to be thankful for. I’m glad your family is feeling better, and that your internet is working again. It’s a real bummer when it isn’t!

  2. Thanks Debbie. I had forgotten about that post so I read it again. I think I should add #24, soft comfy jammies that I can spend the day in. =) And Chocolate of course. I must have been in a really good mood with Randall if I mentioned him TWICE ad chocolate only ONCE.

    • I just love that list you wrote. It’s so fun – and I think mentioning Randall twice really makes it great! But it didn’t occur to me that it was strange for you to only mention chocolate once, until now. =). I love comfortable jammies too!

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