My 2014 Goals – Defined in Greater Detail

When I posted my 2014 goals in January I did not define them in any great detail.  This was partly because I was afraid that doing so would lead to failure of the goal (by setting the expectations higher than I would reach), and partly because I didn’t exactly know what the details were.  I had a vague idea, and certainly could have stated something, but I felt it was best to state them as simply as possible.

It has now been 3 months since I first set these my goals for this year – one quarter of the way through – and I am thrilled at the progress I’m making!  It’s not that I have so much to show for it (or even to tell), but I feel much more clarity about what I’m trying to accomplish and much more confident that I can achieve what I had initially hoped.

So, I decided to take the next step, and define in greater detail what I would like to accomplish with each goal.  In saying this, I don’t intend that I will reach perfection – or even do everything that is written below.  But this is my vision of what I would want to accomplish if there were absolutely no obstacles to hinder me.  In reality, I will feel successful (and happy!) if I achieve somewhere between where I was on Jan 1 and what I have listed below.  {See this post for more about my feelings of success vs. failure with goals}.

1.  Take better care of my health.

  • Sleep
    • Go to bed early enough to get 8 hours of sleep.
    • Get up early even when I don’t have to (D&C 88:124).
  • Exercise
    • Ideally every day except Sunday, but more realistically 3 or 4 times per week.
  • Proper diet
    • Eat a more balanced diet.
    • Focus on lots of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.
    • Drink 6 – 8 cups of water each day.
  • Emotional Health
    • This one is harder to pinpoint, but I guess for me it would be to strive to be calm and have faith when I might normally feel anxious, and strive to be cheerful and optimistic (see #4) instead of letting myself get down about things.
  • Other
    • Take medicine and vitamins as have been instructed by my doctor.
    • Schedule appropriate medical checkups.

2.  Manage my time better

  • Procrastinate less.
  • Be a little more organized in my approach to my work.
  • I also like this idea (from Following His Path blog) of striving to be more intentional in what I choose to do each day (this is a great article – definitely worth clicking the link and reading!).

3.  Declutter my home and get organized!!  Here is a list of what’s on my mind:

  • What I’ve done so far
    • I put rack dividers in my daughter’s closet to divide different types of clothes and make it easier to see what she has vs. what she needs of each item.
    • I cleaned up the space by my telephone, taking out plastic drawers and replacing them with nicer looking paper-board drawers.
    • I decluttered the top of refrigerator.
    • I decluttered a few items from my attic and donated them to the Relief Society for a “Swap Shop” they held).
    • I changed the toys in my girls room – threw some away, put others in the attic, and brought different ones down from attic.
    • I changed some things in the kitchen cabinet which I use to store notebooks and note cards.  I’m still working on this to make it a little nicer, but it’s a lot better already.  (I’d really like to make it look a little more like this.)
    • I created a home for Library Books – this has been much needed!
  • What I still would like to do
    • Put away all loose papers lying about.
    • Declutter the top of the entertainment center in my Living Room (which tends to be a dumping ground for stuff we want to put out of the 4 yr-old’s reach!).
    • Create a central home for items we need during “Family Home Evening” in the Living Room.
    • Add “rack dividers” to the other closets.
    • My bedroom (which tends to be a dumping ground for every homeless item!).
    • My bathrooms (both!) – I love these stacking drawers underneath the sink as shown at blog.
    • Under my kitchen sink.
    • The shelf in my laundry closet.
    • Clothing (do a better job of keeping up on removing out-grown or worn-out clothing and replacing with the right size or new items).
    • Photos (a big project!).
    • Food storage (I just recently came across this blog which has lots of good, practical information about building food storage).
    • And, of course there’s always the garage, shed, and attic – but I’m cringing even at the thought!
    • Also, create better habits (myself and my kids) of putting things away right away, so there is less mess in the first place.

4.  “Be of good cheer” more!

  • Smile more – even when I answer the telephone (I had a boss once that used to tell me to smile when I answered the telephone.  It actually did make a difference in the way I sounded!).
  • Strive to be optimistic in difficult circumstances.
  • Strive to “see the good in everything” (click here for “Explore Newness” blog Thursday Thought – I actually printed out her picture to tape to my kitchen cabinet to remind me!).
  • Count my blessings often (a major reason I write “Thankful Thursday” posts!).

5.  Listen to my family better.

  • Look at people when they are talking to me (as much as possible).
  • Try to understand and be respectful of their point of view (even if I don’t agree).
  • Answer them promptly when they ask a question.
  • Say things that let them know I’m listening.

So, this is my vision for my goals.   If you have goals, or things you’re working on, what would complete success look like to you?


7 thoughts on “My 2014 Goals – Defined in Greater Detail

  1. This is such a great post. These are the same goals I have. I feel stressed and overwhelmed most days about it actually… The list never ends and I can never seem to get everything done in one day!!! My computer seriously broke the last week and my house has been so much more clean that it has ever been. I got a few decluttering things done. Then yesterday the computer started working again… It was a tender mercy for it to stop working cause I just needed a break from the computer. When I get stressed out about my goals… my husband tells me to read this verse: D&C 123:17 Can’t wait to read about how your goals go!

    • Thank you for the compliment! I think a lot of us feel somewhat overwhelmed by the amount of stuff we are responsible for, because there really is so much to do. I’ve been feeling more peaceful about my work recently, so I think these goals are helping – although I’m still definitely not getting everything done that I feel I need to.

      That’s a great verse your husband reminds you of. I’ll have to make a point to remember that too! And I know what you mean about the computer. It has a strong pull for me – some days I will just turn it off in order to help me focus elsewhere.

  2. Great list! Most of these are continually on my to-do list too! I caught myself zoning out while a co-worker was speaking to me the other day – so I know I need improvement in that category. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • You’re welcome! It can be a challenge to stay focused on what someone else is saying. In some ways, this is my hardest goal, because I have to stop thinking about whatever is on my mind in order to pay attention to them. Good luck with your efforts!

  3. I loved the details. I think it was probably helpful to wait a bit until you could define it the way you have. More than once I have set goals that need to be refined or even redefined as time goes by. Thanks for the link!

    Oh, I need to be better at listening when people talk to me too. It’s so hard to shut off my brain sometimes.

    • You are welcome for the link! I think your goal of trying to be intentional in your choices each day is very similar to what I’m trying to do too, so it was natural to want to refer to it. And I think that you are right about it being helpful to wait to define everything. Sometimes we just have to start moving in a certain direction, and then the details become more clear as we go.

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