Temple Flowers

Temple flowers collage

Today is “Thankful Thursday!”  And I’m thankful for the pretty flowers at the temple!  Our family went to the Washington D.C. Temple a few weeks ago.  Our youth had a temple trip, and my 12 year old son was able to participate for the first time!  My husband was also going along to help out, and so we decided to make a family trip out of it, with our 2 girls and me staying in the Visitor’s Center.  Knowing how nice they always keep the grounds, I brought my camera along so I could “play photographer” while we were there.  And I wasn’t disappointed!  They had planted some really beautiful flowers.

I love being at the temple!  There is such a peace there, even outside, and I think my whole family noticed it on this day.  My son was so excited for his first “youth temple trip.”  He asked so many questions about what it looks like inside the temple!  I mean, he wanted me to describe everything from the front door all the way to the baptismal font* (and since this is a big temple, there actually is quite a bit to describe!).  I did my best, but in the end he just had to see for himself.  Afterwards it was his turn to describe to his sisters.  I was so glad that he had such a good experience, and it was a nice day for us all.

*note – when I was a youth, we entered the baptismal font through a door leading directly to it in the back of the Washington D.C. Temple, but apparently now they walk through the front door and walk through the temple hallways to the baptismal font.  This is why there was so much for my son to see, and I think he really enjoyed that. 

What about you?  Do you have a favorite experience of visiting the Temple with your family?


5 thoughts on “Temple Flowers

  1. Glad they were able to come in through the main door and see more of the temple. At Oquirrh Mountain they come in through the West Entrance and down the stairs to the Baptistry. If they came in through the East door they would still go down the stairs but they would have to walk the length of the building to get to the baptistry with nothing to see but a long hallway.

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