My Daughter’s Clay Iguana

My 10-yr old daughter made a poster for school for her “research project.”  The topic she chose to research was “iguanas.”  So, as part of the project she made an iguana, and also an iguana skeleton, out of clay.  She made them both flat so that she could attach them to her poster.  I was super impressed at her detail, and so naturally wanted to share her work!

Iguana from clay

The iguana – I love how she added so much detail!

Iguana skeleton from clay

The skeleton – she used yellow clay and painted it white. This was because she did not have white clay, but I like it because I think it gives the skeleton an aged look.


Poster of Iguanas

Here is the full poster. She printed out pictures of iguanas to add to it from the internet. Her report is taped to the back of the poster.


What are some of your favorite art projects created by your kids (or created by you when you were a kid?)



10 thoughts on “My Daughter’s Clay Iguana

  1. I’m 26 years older and I don’t think I could sculpt such a great iguana. She did a great job.

    • Thank you! It’s challenging to fit in all the fun things there are to do with our kids, isn’t it? Good luck with your efforts to do more art projects — I’m sure they will enjoy it.

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