Help for {the Mom of} the Picky Eater

There has been a certain amount of buzz at my house, surrounding a book that I brought home from the library the other day.  It was laying on the floor next to me as I read my girls stories the other night.  When we finished, my older daughter and I both reached for it at the same time!  I told her selfishly that, “I get to read it first, then you can look at it,” to which she responded, “but I really want to look at it now!”

Later, after the dishes were (mostly) done, and my youngest was (mostly) settled into bed, I grabbed my book, and settled into our most comfortable chair to read.  But what did I find?  Someone was peering over my shoulder, trying to read it too!  It was my son – I was patient with his “over-the-shoulder” reading for about one minute, then I shooed him away.  But just as I did, in popped my daughter again, trying to get a look at this book!

I know you are dying to know what this amazing book is that everyone at my house is so anxious to read!!  You are probably thinking that if it’s generating this much excitement you’ll just have to rush out and get a copy for your own young readers (ahem, and yourself)!  But if you are thinking this, you should know that the excitement for the young ones is short-lived.  They really don’t want to read it; they just want to look at a few pages so that they can know what I’m up to.  Because, you see – this book is about helping parents feed their picky eaters.  And who are the picky eaters in my household??  You guessed it!  The two that were trying so hard to read my book!  (Along the youngest one who was {mostly} settled into bed).

Their intense interest stemmed from the realization of what my reading this book could mean for them.  My daughter said, “What is it, a book about how to get us to eat yucky food?” and later she asked, “What does it say, eat tomatoes 500x’s and then you will like them?” and then to be extra funny, she added, “and give a marshmallow after each one?”  My son, on the other hand was more interested in seeing my answers to the quiz questions that are in the book.  He wanted to know what I was saying about him!

So, no – don’t rush out and buy this book expecting your young ones to sit down and read it.  But I have to say that I’m pretty excited about it for myself.  The “picky-eater” situation has been by far one of the most emotional struggles that I’ve had as a parent.  I feel like I’m a decent cook, and make pretty good food, but to have people sit down to dinner night after night with anxiety and stress about being asked to eat it is so frustrating for me!!  I’ve been trying (and have made some good progress) to help them eat more variety.  But we are far from where I feel we need to be.

Since I just barely brought the book home, all I’ve been able to do so far is read about 3/4 of it…I haven’t actually tried anything that the author is suggesting.  But I have to say that I love what I’m reading.  The stuff this author is saying matches perfectly with my own way of thinking about both food and parenting.  But she has been able to take those beliefs and put them into a concrete system of rules and consequences combined with an understanding of the child’s needs, that I think will work!  With all the research I’ve done on eating healthy and helping the picky eater, this is the first time I’ve read anything that I think will actually help me!  I’m so excited.

And, I plan to keep everyone posted.  Even if I decide it’s not helpful after all, I’ll definitely let everyone know.  I’ll most likely include this in my “simple changes” series that I’ve been writing, because the author recommends making the changes slowly as to not overwhelm everyone.  She even uses the phrase!  On pg. 92 she says, “You and your family can focus on making one simple change a month to turn everyone’s unhealthy eating habits around slowly and without drama.

So, what’s the name of this very awesome book?  It is called, “The Picky Eating Solution” by Deborah Kennedy, Ph.D.  She also has a website which I honestly have not looked at, but thought I would mention.  As a side note, I have not received any compensation for telling about her book or website, and as I said before I cannot at this point vouch for the effectiveness of her methods.  But I am super excited to try out her rules and other suggestions to see if they help my family!


9 thoughts on “Help for {the Mom of} the Picky Eater

    • I had to laugh when I read your comment, because the truth is that I didn’t really find it there. I found it on Amazon, and then went to them and asked them to order it through inter-library loan for me. It’s my favorite trick — and they are always so nice to do that for me! But if I really like it, I may end up buying it after-all. Thanks for the supportive comment. We’ll see how it goes!

  1. I just found out that my library has it too. So I think I’ll get it and read instead of having you tell me all about it. 🙂


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