Boot Camp Journal – Day 14 {Final Thoughts}

This is the journal I am keeping about our “health(ier) eating boot camp.”  Feel free to read along!  

Saturday, July 12

This is the final day of my boot camp!  Before I get into my “final thoughts,” I will say that I am finding it increasingly difficult to find time to write on the blog with my family being home for the summer, so it may be a while before I will be able to post anything again.  But here I am at the last day, and so it seems fitting to share my feelings about the experience.

First of all, I think the best benefit was increased communication about food between myself and my older kids.  I’ve always been interested in the subject of nutrition, so they are no strangers to hearing me talk about healthful eating.  But this exercise generated some feelings in them, and I’m happy to say that I kept my 2014 goal of listening, and I think that was good for them (and for me).  While it is true that they have expressed some discontentment, not all of what they said was negative.  I’ve noticed that they increasingly been talking more about what’s healthy and not healthy themselves.

The second thing that was good was that we ate together during the day a lot more.  Now, I will say that at breakfast this has sometimes been frustrating because my energy is best in the morning and I can think of lots of other ways to use that good energy rather than being in the kitchen.  However, prior to this my kids ate cereal (and nothing else) for breakfast almost every day.  The advantage, of course was that they could get it themselves.  But since I started taking the time to prepare breakfast, we’ve all been eating a lot better in the morning.

The same is true for lunch.  Previously, when everyone is at home, I would sometimes fix a “kid lunch” and an “adult lunch.”  This wasn’t too bad on some levels because they like simple food that is easy to prepare.  But when it came to trying to make the meal balanced with fruits & veggies, it became pretty complicated.  And on days when I let everyone prepare their own lunch, it would feel like chaos in the kitchen.  Often I would realize that I had no idea of what my kids were eating.  With preparing the same lunch for everyone, I’m more aware of what is being consumed and how much, and that is good.  Plus, it is less chaotic during the preparation stage.

A third thing that has been good has been more focus on my youngest one.  She is quite a bit younger than the other two (6 years).  I’ve noticed that I tend to assume that her tastes are the same as theirs.  But these past two weeks I realized this is not true!  She is practically the opposite.  Where they like hot dogs and pizza, she does not.  They like most bread, and she does not.  But on the flip side, she loves most fruits and vegetables, while they just have their favorites.  So, I’ve been paying closer attention to how much food she is consuming at meal times, and which ones.  And while I really don’t care if she eats hot dogs or pizza, there are other foods that she is refusing that she does need to eat.  So, I’ve been paying attention to and working with her a little more and this is a good thing, in my opinion.

So those are three things that are definitely good, and I’d say that we are eating healthier as a result (not that it’s all perfect, just better than before).

And here I am at the end of the adventure.   Actually I could write a lot more.  I’m sure I’ll visit this subject on the blog again sometime.  But for now I’m going to enjoy the rest of my family’s summer vacation!

What are your thoughts or observations from this “boot camp journal?”  

Or if you prefer,  what are your thoughts and observations from your own experience with feeding a family?





3 thoughts on “Boot Camp Journal – Day 14 {Final Thoughts}

  1. I think the most important result was increasing communication with your children. Proper nutrition is a great goal but no serious harm will come if you’re less than perfect. Communicating with your children is essential.

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