Thankful Thursday – Things That Made Me Smile This Month

Happy Thankful Thursday! Today I’m grateful for things that made me smile this month:

1.  Reading the Frog & Toad book to my 5 yr-old.  I just love the simple quirkiness of these two friends, and I always smile when I read their stories.

2.  I bought some cara cara oranges for the first time ever this month.  One child of mine, who is not a huge fan of many fruits, and who has not wanted to eat the cutie oranges I usually buy, ate the *new* orange and then asked for seconds!  Then said, “can you buy these again?  They are good!” 


3.  My current calling is in nursery, and I couldn’t help smiling when a small child, initially reluctant to part from her dad, was more willing when I offered to hold her for a bit.  These little ones are so cute and so sweet!

4.  Eating Coconut Curry Chicken after a long day of fasting on Fast Sunday.

5.  A surprise snow day. Here in Virginia, it doesn’t snow a whole lot, so it’s always an event if it does.  And we almost always get out of school for it too.  One morning, as I awoke early in the AM, and groggily set out to get my kids up, I noticed out the window that my car and driveway had a blanket of snow.  I said to my husband, “Did you know it was going to snow?”  He normally keeps a good eye on the weather, but had not heard about this, so it was a surprise to both of us!  Then the phone rang with the message school was out.  So, all of a sudden I was off the hook for my whole (not-so-pleasant) early morning routine of waking kids, helping them with breakfast, packing lunches, and keeping them on track so they don’t miss the bus.  Instead, I got to enjoy some quiet time before they all woke up on their own.  I loved it!  It definitely made me smile.


6.  And, speaking of being up earlier than everyone, this past Saturday I woke up super early and went grocery shopping while everyone was still in bed.  I don’t get go to the store by myself very often, even though I find it a bit stressful to take people with me.  It was a big shopping trip, I found myself pausing more than once to just enjoy the fact that I was there completely on my own!

7.  The sky, with so many different variations really makes me happy.  I love the different colors in the morning and evening, and the clouds in various shapes and shades.  One day as I was crossing a bridge I could see fog in the distance.  But it was unique, because I could actually see clear sky above it.  Another time I walked outside in the evening to take my kids to their church activities.  It seemed so much darker than normal to me, and then I realized it was because there was complete cloud cover with no moon or stars out.  A different night, we left at the same time with clear skies and it was so much brighter!  (I live in the country, without much man-made light, so I can really notice stuff like this, and I am amazed at how much light the moon and stars actually give).

8.  Pictures my daughter drew.  I just love these pictures (and other similar ones that she draws)!


9.  Comments and likes on my blog.  I always smile when I see someone has taken the time to comment on or like a post, and it was true this month too.  Thank you!!


7 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday – Things That Made Me Smile This Month

    • You are right; it is simple. And I’m always amazed at how much happier I feel when I take the time to do it. I should really be better about keeping these lists in my personal journal too, but at least I’m writing down some things on the blog. Good luck with your lists and thanks for stopping by and following my blog!

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