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Time to Say Goodbye…(at least for now)

The time has come for me to discontinue writing on my blog; at least for awhile, maybe longer.  I loved writing it for the time that I did, but time changes things, and my focus needs to change now too.  I’m actually pretty excited about life ahead of me now.  For a long time I felt like I was in such a slump; that so much of what is exciting about life was behind me.  I really feel that taking the time to write has renewed my perspective, which I am so grateful for.

But what I love best is that this blog has given me a place to share my testimony of the Savior and the Lord’s love for me and each of us.  His love is the single thing that I am most grateful for and everything else that is good in life is just an extension of that love.

This was not an easy decision for me to make, but I am confident it is the right one…at least for now.  Thanks so much for all of the support — and to my other WordPress friends out there, I just want to say thank you so much for your efforts to post uplifting things for people like me to read.  I love reading your blogs, and plan to continue doing so!