Back to Blogging and Tiny Steps Towards Family History Work

Well, I’m back.  I am so sorry to be such a flip-flopper!!  I thought that if I wrote a blog post actually saying that I was quitting my blog (as opposed to just stopping without saying anything), it would bring some closure…but it hasn’t.  It’s only been a little more than a week since I wrote that post and every day since then, I’ve found myself thinking about something that I would write on my blog if I was still writing it.  Instead of feeling relieved, I’ve just felt sad, like I just said goodbye to my best friend.  I do feel like this blog is my friend, and I also feel like the people I interact with through the blog are my friends.  But I had let it become a stress, and I had started wondering if it was the best use of my time, especially with the new things I am trying to do now like “learn Spanish” and “declutter my house.”

This morning however, I read something from General Conference that I really want to share.  It has everything to do with my post about tiny goals.  And so I began thinking seriously about opening my blog again.  But this time with a smaller approach, and less stress on myself to make it “perfect” (whatever that means, right?).

These past few weeks my family has been getting excited about Family History.  The excitement is led by my husband, who loves history and especially learning about his (and my) ancestors.  He is a teacher, and it has been snowing a lot with below-freezing temperatures, so school has been out and the whole family has been home a lot.  (Yep, I live in one of those areas where everything closes down for snow).  My husband’s past-time through all of this has been to learn about our ancestry and tell us all the stories he has found out.

Well, Family History is something I know I should be doing, but every time I start, I get overwhelmed by it, and feel stuck because I don’t know exactly what to do to get from point A to point B.  Yesterday, church was cancelled (once again due to the weather) and my oldest daughter (11 years old) asked me if I would show her how to do Family History. So I opened up my Family Search account and started explaining things to her.

Then I opened up Facebook to see that one of my friends was sharing that they had accepted the #templechallenge.  In a moment of enthusiasm, I quickly shared the post announcing that my family accepts the challenge too.  And then I panicked.  All kinds of questions came to mind, like “what did I just say I would do, again?”  and “is this even possible?”  I said a silent prayer that I would be shown just the next step, and later my daughter asked if I would set up a Family History account for her.  Then we started filling out the on-line booklet for her, and even though I couldn’t see exactly how doing this was going to get us names to take to the temple, I felt it was a good step to take.

This morning, as I read from the General Conference addresses (making sure I finish them before April!), I read Elder Allan F. Packer’s talk about Family History.  One thing he said was,

“However, there is one obstacle the Church cannot remove.  It is an individual’s hesitation to do the work.  All it requires is a decision and a little effort.  It does not require a large block of time.  Just a little time on a consistent basis will yield the joy of the work.  Make the decision to take a step, to learn and ask others to help you.  They will!  The names you find and take to the temple will become the records for ‘the book.'”

See, tiny steps work!  They have really been working for me.  Recently I’ve been thinking in terms of small steps for so many things, and feel a lot more productive and balanced.  I also feel more motivated, because I’ve removed the major obstacle of feeling overwhelmed.  So, now I know to apply the same principle to Family History work.  The key is to be consistent about the small steps, and that’s when the effort starts to add up.

And here I am at the end of my blog post, and I have to say that I really enjoyed writing all of this.  Once again, I apologize for making an announcement, and then taking it back.  I’m not sure that’s exactly fair to my readers, but sometimes when I’m feeling indecisive about something, I just need to make a decision and start following through with it.  In this case, doing so helped me to see that the decision was not the right one for me (at least at this time), and so I feel more confident in my decision to stick with blogging.  Does that make sense?

As always, thanks so much for reading!  Also, what steps have you taken that have helped with doing Family History work?


7 thoughts on “Back to Blogging and Tiny Steps Towards Family History Work

  1. You have obviously discovered that you like having the option to write but don’t like feeling that you have to write. No Problemo. Write when you want to and skip it when you don’t want to. I promise you that the world will not stop spinning if you choose to write only when you have something you really want to share.

  2. Good reminder for me to get back on track with my family history work, thanks! And I’m glad you decided to make your “goodbye” a temporary thing. After all, if you left, who would “like” my posts? 😉

    • lol – thanks! 😃 Now you can see how come I said I needed your post the other day. I was just about to write this one but was still feeling a little hesitant; and then I read your thought about how standing in holy places includes the internet. It was just the boost I needed to decide to write again.

  3. I am so glad that you are back! Even in small, sporadic posts I can learn from you and enjoy your perspective.

    Family history is something that continues to be my nemesis. 😉 I am trying to work on it. lol

    • Thank you!! One thing that has really helped me with building more interest in Family History is just logging into my account every so often and clicking on names, looking at pictures, etc. It’s low pressure, and so interesting to see what’s there! I let my kids do this too, and sometimes they point out stuff I didn’t know was there. Good luck with your efforts and thanks for the kind words!

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