What I’ve Been Up To Lately

So, my last post was the first part of April, and here it is the last part of April!  I have lots of ideas of things I could write about, but not so much time to do it.  So, I thought I would take a few minutes (I’ve got 30 minutes before having to run off to something else!) to just write about what I’ve been up to!

So, first of all my interior decorator mother-in-law offered to help us update our girl’s bedroom into a “big girl” room.  My youngest (5 yrs) was still sleeping in a toddler bed and my oldest girl (11 yrs) had a big double bed all to herself!  So the first thing to do was to replace the old beds with a set of twin beds (no, they are not bunk beds).  Along with that is new bedspreads, a desk, new blinds, plus some other details like shelves on the wall.  My mother-in-law is the creator of all the plans, and I’m her helper.  Also, she lives in CA and I’m in VA, so we’ve been doing this long distance over the phone and me taking pictures and sending them to her.

A little more than a week ago I got the flu for the first time that I can ever remember.  I don’t get flu shots because I really just don’t (or use to not) get the flu.  Well, I guess I learned my lesson because I was in bed for a week.  It was during Spring Break.  Since my teacher-husband and kids were off of school, they were able to take care of the basics around the house, but we as a family didn’t really get to do anything fun during the week off from school.  It was good and bad timing at the same time!

While I was sick and in my bed, I had to stare at all of my clutter in my bedroom.  Day after day I stared at it, vowing that when I was well I would clean it up.  I even decided to read a few of my organizing books over again to give me some ideas and help motivate me.  Once I was better and semi-caught up on the most important chores, I dedicated about 3 hours one morning to decluttering.  It felt great!  I wasn’t able to finish in that time and by the next day, I had too many other things on my to do list to be able to keep that kind of focus.  But since then, I’ve been trying to declutter a little more just 5 minutes at a time.

Another thing that I’ve been doing is working hard to keep the wasps away from key parts of my house!  We have paper wasps all around my area.  They seem to be everywhere!  Well, one morning my daughter opened the door to go to school and one flew in the house!  I’m afraid of them…I really am!!  So it was lucky that my husband was still home and took a few minutes to take care of it before leaving for work.  Later I noticed another one inside my door frame (it didn’t fly in because I saw it before opening the door).  Upon further inspection, our screen door has just enough opening for them to get inside, and they apparently feel this is a great spot to try to build a nest.  This means that they are not “stuck” there as I once thought, but are trying to be there!  Ugh!!!!  My husband says what we need to do is replace the door, but we can’t do that right now.  So instead I took cotton balls and duct tape and did my best to fill in those gaps.  It is ugly, but I don’t care.  It seems to be working; however we’ve had cooler temperatures so I don’t know for sure yet.  In the meantime I often send my kids out a different door or if we have to open this one I look out the window first to make sure nothing is there.  Can you tell I don’t like them?

Then today my husband asked if I could put some stain on some raw wood around our house because it is supposed to rain Wednesday night.  He said it was just a simple thing he was asking; it was not a large area and it would only take a short time.  But I knew differently.  Painting/staining is never simple.  Finding the paint, the can opener, the plastic, prepping the area, etc. etc.  I tried to do it quickly today without prepping, and then realized I was going to have a mess if I didn’t slow down and do the prep work correctly.  So I did slow down.  I also noticed that really all of our porches and railings need to be repainted/stained, so I took some time to look up on You Tube how to do this properly.  I guess there are times to not worry too much about the details and other times when it really matters.

So, that’s about it.  Well, actually it’s not.  We’ve got the garden we want to get started on, plus all the usual stuff we are doing like my son going to a Scouting event tonight to earn a merit badge.  Plus a spagetti dinner/ auction this Friday night to earn money for Scout Camp.  And he is working on his project that he will be “selling” at the auction.  Busy Busy!  I feel as busy as a bee!  (And I know how busy they are because I’ve been watching them to ensure they aren’t building nests where I don’t want them too!).

So that’s all for now.  I hope everyone is having a great Spring!!

What projects are you working on right now?


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